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Barcode Lookup Database

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The ScanSKU™ Database Lookup App allows the user to scan a barcode and lookup corresponding data in a database. Load your records into the App to create the database using a simple CSV File. Up to 5 fields (columns) can be loaded. The Lookup screen can then be customized to hide fields or change the font size.

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Perfect for such uses as:
– Scan an item to find it’s the corresponding location in a warehouse or shop
– Scan a product to return product details such as color and price
– Scan an ID or badge to return details about the user

Perfectly paired with our M or R Series Barcode Scanners



If you require a more flexible app in which you can pick your own fields, design the look, capture data, and lookup reference data, then we recommend ScanTracked. 




My data is not loading into the App


Ensure you have a heading row at the top of the CSV. Also, ensure your spreadsheet is saved as a CSV


I cannot see the ‘ScanSKU_Lookup’ Folder on my device


This folder is created automatically when you first open the app. When you plug your device into your PC, you may not see the folder straight away, sometimes you will first have to reboot your device.


How do I use a built-in or external barcode scanner


If you’re using a purpose built scanner such as our R Series, ensure the output mode is set to ‘keyboard mode’. In our devices, you can do this by finding the App called ‘Scanner‘ and clicking on the ‘Settings‘ tab. In the settings tab also ensure ‘Additional Content’ Is set to ENTER