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Cin7 Omni & the ScanSKU Barcode Scanner


dear scansku  


Cin7 Omni I ScanSKU Barcode Scanner


Save staff time and effort with Cin7 WMS, which completes processes for branch transfers that staff would usually have to do manually. Warehouse staff can see new orders pop up in real-time. The app enables staff to find stock, print shipping labels and enter tracking codes. Stock figures are updated instantly on the app.

Stocktake on the move

Cin7 WMS is compatible with the ScanSKU scanners.Your stock levels in Cin7 will update in real-time as you complete the stocktake of your store or warehouse.



To scan barcodes into the cin7 application, ensure ‘keyboard mode’ is selected on the Scanners. Find the App called Scanner, Scan-Tools, or Keyboard Emulator, open it, click on Settings and Select Output mode. Set it as Keyboard Mode

Full guide to set up the Cin7 WMS App is here

See below for a quick demo. This demo was recorded using our ScanSKU scanners