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HireHop & the ScanSKU Barcode Scanner


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HireHop I ScanSKU

All in one solution that is more feature rich than any other product on the market, benefiting the user with a sleek, fast and straightforward workflow.

HireHop's scanning app is fully adaptive and works on all mobile devices, including our ScanSKU scanners. The new app can use many technologies together or separately, including barcodes, QR codes, RFID, and even manual batch entry.


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 HireHop Barcode Scanner Settings
 To set up your barcode scanner so the input box is automatically selected and the barcode is sent once scanner without having to press enter, ensure these settings are selected
- Find the app on your device called "Scan-Tools"
Under Settings-->Output mode: Select Inputbox Mode
Under Terminator select Enter Key

This will ensure the input box is auto selected upon opening the app.
HireHop Scanning