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RFSmart (NetSuite) & the ScanSKU Android Barcode Scanner


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RF-SMART provides a growing array of NetSuite Solutions to support the movement, management, manufacture and fulfillment of inventory – in real-time, across your entire business.

RF-SMART has been developing ERP-specific mobile solutions since 1982. We have the pleasure of serving more than 1,000 Warehouse/Distribution and Manufacturing customers in more than 30 countries around the world. Our experienced staff understands supply chain processes, mobile technology and how to marry the two to achieve world-class results.

RF-Smart works with all ours canners, from the R Series, to M Series and C66 check them out here ScanSKU scanners.


Tip: Ensure you set up ENTER after scan when using RF Smart on the Scanners. To do this: Open the Scanner App, Select Settings–> Additional Content. Click the gear next to it. Select Enter. On the C66 Scanner, this setting is in the keyboard emulator app.