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Mobile Picking App

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Our ScanSKU™ Mobile Picking App is has been developed to allow you to import your orders from a CSV spreadsheet and the App will guide the picker around the warehouse or shop to pick the Products.

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Includes a visual and notification of a match or mismatch (audio can be disabled). Perfectly paired with our R Series Barcode Scanners


    • Verifies the barcode being scanned is correct and matches the barcode on the picklist
    • Has an option to either allow manual entry of quantities, or alternatively, require the picker to scan every item
    • Saves data in database on device. You can export to CSV and email from the app.
    • Records reasons for shortpicks on the export
    • Has the option to display details about the SKU being scanned such as 'Name, Description and alternate SKU Number)
    • Records Time Stamp on Exported Data


    • Picking of Orders
    • The App will work its way down your CSV Import list, in the order in which the line items appear in the file


Sample Exported Data


Hardware Requirements

    • Barcode Scanner- A built-in or external barcode scanner to scan the barcodes is required. This app is not compatible with scanning barcodes using a smartphone camera. For hardware options please see here
    • Your barcode scanner should be set up to 'enter or tab after scan'. This means when you scan, the curser automatically moves to the next field ready for the next scan. This avoids having to click the screen to move fields, to ensure the scanning is fast. Most barcode scanners have this as a setting you can change. On the ScanSKU M Series, this can be set in the 'Scanner' app on the device.
    • Android 4.0 and above



Video Demo